Measuring the User Experience

Statistics consistently show that visitors who don’t know how to navigate a website, either jump to a competitor’s site or abandon their search altogether. As part of our user-centered design process, we use Usability Testing (UX) as a method into evaluate a website functionality by testing it on users.

Advantages of Usability Testing

Usability tests help find problems in the early stages of the website development process and save redesign costs. It also increases the likelihood of usage and repeat usage, making the site learnable, memorable, and error-free. Below are what we are looking for:

  1. How easy it is for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time.
  2. How quickly they can perform some of the tasks.
  3. After a period of time, how easily they can reestablish proficiency.
  4. How many errors do users make and how easily they can recover from them.
  5. How pleasant it is to use the website.