Website Analytics. Measuring Success.

We can not improve if we don’t know. That’s where analytics comes in. Site analytics enables you to collect, measure, and analyze your website’s traffic data. It’s a vital tool that helps you make more informed decisions and strengthen your marketing initiatives.

An in-depth website analytics helps make smart decisions

At Userking®, every website that we create comes with Google Analytics, giving you extra control and knowledge about how your site is being accessed.

  1. Allows your business to see customer behavior.
  2. Track where traffic is coming from.
  3. Provides insights for improving customer experience.
  4. Track which type of device and which browser is being used to access your site.
  5. Track how much time visitors are spending on the website.
  6. Tracking Bounce Rate. It sees if a visitor leaves the website without interacting with it.
  7. Analytics gives important metrics when it comes to understanding user behavior.