Websites for All

The digital revolution became an enabler and a great source of freedom for all audiences. Because the web is democratic in nature and accessible to almost everyone, it helps people from all walks of life, even those with disabilities, participate, share, and contribute to society.

Our Process

At Userking®, we design and build websites with usability and accessibility in mind. We know that accessibility makes “conversion” easier for more visitors which definitely affects the bottom-line. In addition, it helps with search engine optimization.

  1. Every image, video file, and audio file, that conveys content has an equivalent alt description or text description.
  2. Complex graphics (graphs, charts, etc.) are accompanied by detailed text descriptions.
  3. The alt descriptions succinctly describe the content conveyed by the objects, without being too verbose.
  4. Descriptions for images used as links are descriptive of the link destination.
  5. Decorative graphics with no other function are inserted as background images using CSS or have empty alt descriptions.
  6. Style sheets may be used for layout, but the document is still understandable (even if less visually appealing) when the style sheet is turned off.