Thinking Mobile First

The number of mobile users accessing the internet surpassed the number of desktop users. You probably have experience the frustration of visiting a website using a mobile device and catching your self pinching or looking around for a magnifying glass. That is where mobile friendly website design comes in.

Mobile-friendly websites are essential in today’s digital landscape

A mobile ready design enables your website to identify the device that visitors are using, delivering a seamless user experience. Regardless of whether they access your site on smartphone, tablet or other device. At Userking, we’re here to help you make a lasting impression on every device.

  1. Mobile-friendly website sites offer great user experience across all devices and screen sizes
  2. Support new device types as they come along.
  3. Present videos and slide shows optimized for a small screen.
  4. Managing just one site for both desktop and mobile devices simplifies staying up-to-date and relevant.