Get All Your Domains In One Place

Do you know where all your domains are? Get rid of the hassle of trying to manage them by consolidating your domains with Userking. When you transfer them to Userking, they’ll be protected and locked in one account. Userking will even send you a renewal notice before each of your domains expire.

Domains Complete Control

Turned off by the high prices and spotty service from other registrars? Then turn to the Userking Transfer Concierge. You’ll get big savings; friendly, personal support, and a whole new world of unique, Internet-enhancing software and services. With Userking you’ll get complete control, great service, and peace of mind.

This is what you get:

  1. Domain Forwarding and Masking to redirect the domain to another website.
  2. Domain Locking helps prevent accidental transfer of domain ownership.
  3. Total DNS Control for managing your domain nameserver (DNS) records.
  4. Status Alerts monitor the status of your domain and get instant alerts.
  5. Private Registration keeps your personal information private, protecting you from spam, and scamers.